About Me

Hi Everyone...Im Julie but my nickname is Waxie Lady (trust me not picked by me)

Thankyou so much for visiting the new website. I started selling on Etsy a while ago and it has grown so much its amazing. Its a bit tricky for everyone to get a good feedback on the products so what I would say is if you wish to see the feedback and reviews for my products visit my Etsy page which is still currently running.

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Hey there everyone I thought I would come along and introduce myself and tell you a bit about myself and how Pretty Candles and Melts came about.

My daughter Chloe came up with the idea and started Pretty Suds, now a successful bath and body company  a couple of years ago and I got involved. Of course we are both big bath bomb/bubble bar fans so it was fab to be able to create something you love which is where my side comes in.

A big fan of all things that smell gorgeous and spending a fortune on wax melts myself I thought if we can create the bath side I'm sure we can try wax. I absolutely love trying new scents and creating the wax ideas.

I started gently with small wax melts and bars then after a lot of research on candles took the plunge on the dessert tarts which everyone loves. Who would have thought a Kenwood mixer would come in so handy for whipping wax! My favourite products at the moment are the little beanies which all smell so divine. 

Moving forward I would like to expand into candles more, have so many ideas whizzing in my head at the moment so I'll keep you posted with any updates on new lines.

Thanks everyone for all your support and please get in touch if you wish to know anything about my range